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Çayırhan is an important town located 35 km from Nallıhan and 125 km from Ankara. With the implementation of the Metropolitan Municipality Law in 2012, it became a neighborhood and holds significance for the Nallıhan District. Besides being home to a thermal power plant and coal mines, Çayırhan is also known as a city of mining, representing a major civilization.


Çayırhan is a cosmopolitan neighborhood, with 80% of its population consisting of people from the Black Sea region. Residents from different provinces such as Zonguldak, Bartın, and Samsun settled here to work in the coal mines. Geographically, Çayırhan lies within the steppe region of Central Anatolia, resulting in limited diversity in plant life and tree species.


Deniz Çayırhan, a lake, is located near Ankara. Fed by the Hasan Polatkan Dam, Turkey’s first hydroelectric dam, Çayırhan Lake offers boat tours that allow visitors to observe both bird species and geological formations.


Another distinctive feature of Çayırhan Neighborhood is the presence of an ancient civilization. The necropolis of the Phrygians, known as Juliopolis Ancient City, is located here.