Uyuz Suyu Waterfall

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  • To the center:22,3 km


The Ilıca Waterfall, located at the foot of Sarıçalı Mountain in our village of Karacasu on the Göynük road, is an important recreational area with its unique beauty and visual appeal. There is a two-acre meadow on the northwest side of Sarıçalı Mountain’s summit. The water, which has a temperature of 36 degrees Celsius, emerges near the meadow and winds through it before flowing into the riverbed from a height of 50-60 meters. The waterfall is worth seeing. In the middle of the meadow, there are a few pine trees believed to be very old. Their shadows provide a perfect spot for picnicking. In recent years, people with certain skin conditions have tried this water and some even take it home in containers if they have fungal infections or itching on their skin. Ilıca Waterfall, located 30 km away from Nallıhan, can be reached by two different routes. The first alternative is through Kadıköy Çulhalar, and the second alternative is by turning from Karacasu on the way to Uluhan. This waterfall, which is the only one within the boundaries of Ankara province, is worth visiting. The shadows of the old pine trees in the meadow, along with the sound of the waterfall, provide a suitable place for picnicking during the hot summer. Starting from Çulhalar Village and following the 3rd level difficulty hiking trail, which leads to Ilıca Waterfall, you can experience a happy exhaustion by tasting local dishes in Karacasu Village after a 6-7 hour nature hike.