Uluhan Mosque

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The Uluhan Village Mosque, which is believed to have been built together with the han constructed between Ankara and Göynük in the 17th century by Nasuh Pasha, who served as the Grand Vizier, has only its minaret remaining from its original structure. It is evident that the structure, located in the earthquake-prone region, has been damaged and renovated several times after its construction. However, the main walls of the mosque partially preserve their original condition. The wooden ceiling of the mosque, which has a rectangular plan, is noteworthy, and there is a wooden gallery for women on the north side of the mosque. The original minaret, located 2.80 meters away from the northwest corner of the mosque, is in a ruined state. The minaret, with a square base and a brick body, features cut stone in its base section, with the gaps filled with bricks.