Sarıyar Hasan Polatkan Dam

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  • To the center:25 km


The dam is located in Sarıyar neighborhood, 120 km northwest of Ankara and 25 km southeast of the district center. The construction of the dam was undertaken by Etibank, and it started on March 1, 1953. The dam was first filled with water in April 1956. It consists of four units planned for a hydroelectric power plant, and the foundation for these units was laid on October 3, 1951. The first two units were put into service on December 2, 1956. The inauguration was attended by the President of the time, Celal Bayar, and the Prime Minister, Adnan Menderes. The other two units were commissioned in 1966 during the second five-year development plan. The dam was named after Hasan Polatkan, who was the Minister of Finance at that time.